Gate Automation

Automatic gates offer convenience and security as well as potentially increasing the value of your home. No longer do you have to leave your premises unsecured, because its too much hassle to get in and out of the car or home  to secure the gate. Complete peace of mind with ease of use. Children play safely in the garden, your pets are kept off the street and you don’t even need to exit your vehicle or home to open the gate. Senior Members of the household such as your Parents can safely have access to the gate even from the comfort of their home irrespective of the weather around the clock.

Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates. Its possible to automate existing Swing or Sliding gates too, so you have no need to purchase an entirely new system.

We usually find that automatic gates cost less than people imagine. 25 years ago when automation was in its infancy it was truly the reserve of the mega rich to have their gates automated. Today with advances in manufacturing and technology, gate automation is within reach of many more people.


  • Increase the Security
  • No gates left open!
  • Your family and pets will be safe and secure
  • Increased personal security with driveway gates operated from the safety of your car
  • Increased privacy - no uninvited visitors
  • Greater convenience and improved quality of life
  • Safety devices as standard
  • Various control options
  • Variable closing time up to 3 minute delay
  • Mains or battery backup option
  • Gates can be locked in open or closed position