Deposit Safes

Chubbsafes deposit safes provide a high level of burglary protection together with a modern and ergonomic design. Our Mini Banker Safe, Fortress Safe, Custodian Safe and Guardian Safe can be fitted with Envelope Slot or Night Drawer Trap [NDT].

NDT - allow for effective deposit of cash and document through a secured drawer without having to open the safes main door. Upon closing the drawer, the contents would fall into the safe. An Anti-Fishing Plate is also incorporate to protect against fishing attempts to remove the safes content through the trap.

Envelope Slot – specially design with a slit 13mm(W) x 152mm(L) on the top face of the safe to facilitate easy and convenient deposit of small amount of cash and other less bulky documents without having to open the safe. Like the NDT an Anti-Fishing Plate is installed to protect against fishing attempts.