Baggage Scanner

We offer advanced X Ray Hand Baggage Scanner capable of detecting organic and inorganic items such as weapons explosives and narcotics.

These Baggage scanners can be connected to a local area network for checking and matching from the database and also support multi terminal check baggage simultaneously. Our Portable x ray baggage scanning system works on combining the latest software and hardware technologies to provide superior image clarity resolution and processing power. The X ray Baggage Scanners ensures delivering excellent images of scanned objects and maintains highest level of safety. It is a compact X ray baggage scanner ideal for checkpoints small baggage and large baggage scanning in high security premises such as Airports Government offices, Railways MRTS and other premises applications. can serves as a powerful tool that  lowers the chances of any prohibited objects like bombs explosive contraband etc. carrying into the premises there by adding another secure and reliable layer to the security infrastructure of the premises


  • High density alert feature.
  • Distortion correction through software.
  • Self diagnosis feature.
  • Multi energy high penetration feature.
  • Optimum security
  • Accurate results
  • Available in different grades
  • Central supervisor console [Optional].
  • Threat image projection [TIP] feature[Optional].
  • Energy saving device [Optional].