Automatic Garage Door

Automatic garage doors can make opening and closing a garage door safer and easier. The entire range of garage doors we supply can be fitted with an automatic operator, which can be controlled by remote control or a push button mounted on a wall. We can also fit an automatic operator on to most existing garage doors adding more security to your property.

Installing an automatic garage door on to your property will make your life more comfortable because you will be able to open it in any weather, without having to leave your car or property. They will even add more security to your garage as there are not any handles and the automatic operator locks automatically once the door is closed.

Key Features
  • A stylish, resistant container protects the control board and any emergency batteries
  • Obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit stops or reverses movement in the event of accidental impact
  • No more power failures thanks to the integrated batteries [optional], to open and close the garage in any situation