Strong Room Door

Strong room Doors are designed for a limited security risk environment suitable for securing rooms storing confidential papers, records and limited amount of cash and valuables.

 Increasing number of institutions and companies are concerned about protecting their high value assets. Thieves have targeted vaults with a variety of sophisticated tools. As a result, Strong Room Doors have evolved with an advanced array of anti-theft devices, including highly secure vault doors, alarms, combination dials and more.  

 The importance of locking and accessing a room cannot be understated. This is nowhere more important than with a strong room door. A strong room door must provide the highest level of protection whilst allowing flexible and efficient access for authorized persons. Such product characteristics as well as many others, are found in the Chubb safes Range of Strong Room Doors. On purchasing the door, you can be assured that your investment, after all ,Chubb safes  are trusted the world over!!!


  • Banks
  • Jewelers
  • Share Brokers
  • Money Exchanges
  • Precious Stones Stores
  • Drug Stores