Safe Deposit Lockers

Gunnebos safe deposit locker help banks and hotels create new revenue streams from its safe deposit locker offering. All our SDL products are built to meet our high standards for security and quality.

Safe deposit lockers [SDLs] which can be installed inside a vault, safe or as a freestanding unit in a bank lobby. Installed throughout the globe in many of the worlds finest financial institutions. Trusted as a leader in Safe Deposit Lockers installation, Chubb safes offer an unrivaled level of security while remaining committed to its core values of trust and security.

When contacted at the initial planning stages, security installation problems peculiar to your needs are thoroughly studied and detailed plans may be submitted without obligation.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Safe Deposit Lockers
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • All lockers are supplied with a steel inner container. These come standard with a hasp and staple to accept the renters own padlock
  • Each lock is fitted with a dual control lock with 2 keyholes
  • Electronic locks an be fitted to replace the key locks as an option
  • Forms an effective security solution to both the Depositor and the Guarding Entity alike
  • No two Safe Deposit Locker installations are identical
  • Safe Deposit Locker incorporates quality design and durability of the highest order
  • Price on availability