Intruder Alarm System

Intruder Alarm Systems are the perfect solutions to keep your home threat-free. You can go on a vacation happily without worrying about your home. Our systems can detect and report threats like Robbery, Breaking and Entering, Gas leakage and Fire. Alarming is done not only by loud sirens but also by self reporting to your smart phones or Tablets.


  • CO Detectors- Alerts to harmful Carbon Monoxide emissions.
  • Door and Window Contact- Ensures the doors and windows are closed and triggers alarm in the break in.
  • Smoke Detectors- Alerts to a potential fire.
  • Glass break Detector- Triggers alerts when a window glass breaks.
  • Keyfob- Single click operation enables easy arming of the system or triggers a panic alert.
  • Emergency Panic button- A button to trigger alerts.