Road Blocker

The Road Blocker is widely used to control vehicular access at high security and medium high security sites all over the World.  Road Blockers provide higher levels of security with built in stopping power, and are used extensively to protect perimeters and access points of critical infrastructure & public places including airports, oil & gas, financial institutes, government buildings, data centers, military bases, stadia and shopping malls from a vehicle borne attack. The Road Blocker can be interfaced to any access control systems. Traffic Light System can be  included as standard

There are different types of road blockers in the market depending upon the type, shape and usage.

Hydraulic Rising Road blockers The barrier front face is formed by curved plating closed at both ends with a flush mount design, the entire metal frame sealed into the concrete pit

Surface Mount Hydraulic Road blockers surface mounted road blocker feature quick installation into difficult locations where excavation for concrete pit is difficult avoiding subsurface drainage problems.

Shallow Mount Hydraulic Road blockers Shallow Mounted road blocker where digging the ground is not much of a possibility, thanks to its accordion like structure, it takes less space and requires less digging work.

Portable Hydraulic Road blockers answer the need of our clients that require a temporary barricade system to address a specific threat or secure a facility during special events.

Electromechanical Road blockers answer the need of our clients that require a cost effective barricade system to secure a facility with a low security level such as parking lots.


  • Industrial hydraulic pump drive unit
  • Motor protection
  • Programmable logic control system
  • LED Traffic Light
  • Raised Height 35cm to 100cm